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Wood Pile


Stacking the wood for winter, my chore.  Because I’m a better stacker.  I’m faster.  My stacks don’t collapse.  If you do a good job once, you’ll always have to do it.  There is a lot of engineering involved in a good stack of wood.  This pile looks like it’s leaning on one end.  It’s not, that is just the camera lens distorting it.

Stacking is good exercise, lots of bending.  Plus, it’s only fair since the husband cuts and splits most of it.  We burn about 6 cords every winter in our very large Napoleon woodstove.  Our main heat source.  We have back up electric baseboard, but use it only about 4 days a year, when it’s REALLY cold.  We turn on the registers at bedtime so we don’t have to get up in the middle of the night to stoke the stove.  And, if we ever actually go somewhere warm for a winter vacation, the house won’t freeze while we’re away.


The Beach

At the Beach

At the Beach

I love the beach. The ocean. The expanse of salt water with its ever-changing hues and patterns. The sea birds. The sand and nearly constant breeze.  The ocean temperature of the North Atlantic may be considered cold, but I love to swim in it.  Or just walk along the water’s edge and feel the waves wash over my toes.  Yesterday I shared the ocean with my family, it was a great day!

Tree frog


Tiny tree frog in the pink peony bloom

In the spring they fill the heavy, hot air with their high-pitched call, more a screech than a croak.  The tiny tree frogs are heard but rarely seen.  One humid, sweltering day, a miniature frog found shelter in the giant petals of a pink peony bloom in the rock garden by my front door.

Some thoughts about 50

Being 50 means having a granddaughter!

Being 50 means having a granddaughter!

I’m 50 years old.  A number I can barely fathom, though I’ve lived with it for almost three months now.  More than half my life behind and still, inside, I often feel like a child.

The place I live is where I grew up, a small farm in central Maine.  Seventy-five acres of field, pasture, orchard and woodland, mostly on the side of a hill, facing southeast.  I am close to the earth.  Nature is my life.  Working fills my day and each day is much like the last:  barn chores, farm work, vegetable and flower gardening, caring for animals, doing crafts, writing, and maintaining my online stores.  This is a life I love and I’m fortunate to be my own boss.  Too many years were spent being run by others.

Age brings much.  Wisdom, supposedly.  Joint pain.  Insight.  Changes and failures in a body once taken for granted.  Patience.   A vantage point to consider the past and the future.  And  little Lia.  The thought of being a grandmother frightened me at first.  How could I possibly be old enough?  Now, after 16 months, it’s part of who I am.