The Dogs


Holly (left) and Otto are the two German Shepherd dogs who live on our farm. Holly is 3 and Otto is 2. Both came to live with us as 9 week old pups. They are excellent farm dogs, faithful, gentle, alert, and intrepid guards. The area around the house and barn is well patrolled. Since both grew up with cats, kids, free-range chickens and cages of rabbits on the lawn, the dogs are very tolerant of small creatures. They love our 18 month old granddaughter and are so careful around her.otto1
These dogs live a very full and happy life. They love to swim in the pond or the small river that runs through our land.


We go for long walks in the fields and woods.  The dogs are most happy when they are outside.  Holly loves to follow the horse when I ride, but Otto is a little leery.  With some more training he will learn to enjoy accompanying me on rides as well.

hollyLiving in the country, seven miles from the nearest police protection, it is a comfort to know you have two big, strong dogs at your back.  Otto weighs over 100 lbs and Holly is about 80 lbs.  They are all muscle.  When you own such animals, it is very important that they be well disciplined and responsive.  Many hours of training have gone into producing two dogs who have received compliments from total strangers for their good manners.


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