Archive | September 7, 2013

The Horses


At Phoenix Farm there are two horses, Vista and Maddy. Vista is 24 years old and Maddie is 6 years. Both came to the farm when they were under one year old. Vista is sorrel, the darker red horse with red mane and tail. Maddie is a shade of chocolate palomino and has blond mane and tail.

vistavista2 Vista is three-quarters Saddlebred and a very kind, gentle, fun to ride horse. She loves to go and will try to do anything the rider asks of her.  Although she is getting older, Vista sometimes gallops around like a filly, kicking up her heels and rearing in the pasture at play.  On trail rides she will happily go all day.

Her full, registered name is Ace’s Special Vista, she is in the Half-Saddlebred registry.  I’m fairly sure her mother was half Quarter Horse.  Vista’s gaits are so smooth and comfortable, her ride is like being in a big old Cadillac.  An excellent mother who raised one son, Vista considers any young horse or even ponies that come in her pasture to be her foals and cares for them.

Maddie’s full name is Platinum Madrigal, she is half-Saddlebred.  Her mother was a small brown paint Saddlebred and her father was a full Paint Horse.  She came out an unusual shade of light brown with cream that is considered chocolate palomino.  I have always wanted a palomino horse so was thrilled to find her when she was nearly one year old.  Maddie has many Arab-like characteristics with a small, dished face, lovely arched neck and an extended trot that looks almost like she’s flying.  She carries her tail high like an Arabian when she moves.  This young mare is very canny, almost too smart for her own good.  She is a quick learner and is doing well under saddle.  When Vista retires Maddie will be my riding horse.