Wild Weather


Here in Maine the weather is sometimes extreme, especially cold temperatures and numbers of days in a row with rain.  I’ve lived here most of my life and never saw anything like yesterday.  Three days ago clouds rolled in and two days ago the temperatures went up to over 88 degrees when they’d been in the 60s and lower for a couple weeks.  Nights were getting near frost point just before this warm air arrived.  The air was also very humid.  The sudden change, with the hot, damp air contacting earth and water that has been cooling, sparked turbulent storms.

We had long bands of thunderstorms marching across the state yesterday.  At the farm we experienced five thunderstorms in one day, beginning at 6 in the morning and going through 8 at night.  That is the most storms I’ve ever seen for one day, the record in the past was three thunder showers.  We were lucky and didn’t sustain any direct lightning hits, hail or high winds.  Elsewhere in the state they weren’t so lucky.  Many areas reported dime to quarter sized hail, some winds over 60 mph, flooding and so much lightning that power was knocked out for as long as six hours in places.

Today it’s still raining but much calmer.  Just gentle showers and no wind.  This is due to all clear out for the weekend and then a week at least of cool, sunny, breezy weather.  I can hardly wait!


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