Carnival Glass


One of my passions is carnival glass. The gorgeous iridescent glow is irresistible to me. The name derived from the use of this type of glass as prizes at carnivals. The iridescent quality is imparted by spraying the hot glass with metallic salts then refiring to make the color permanent.
This glass, first called iridescent glass, was very popular at the turn of the last century and through the early part of the 1900s. By the 1940s it was falling from favor. In the 1970s the Indiana Glass Company revived the treatment for glass in the Harvest pattern. There was a large selection of pieces readily available and this glass is easy to acquire. It was sold under the Colony name. The base glass color determines the name of the color, Harvest Carnival was produced in blue, purple, green and gold. I love the blue best, the rainbow sheen seems to me to display to greatest advantage on that base shade.  I have samples shown here in blue and gold.

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Mosser Glass in Ohio still produces carnival glass. I have a small, fanciful baby horse or foal, also called pony by some, made in green carnival glass. I love the lines of this design. It is a fairly contemporary piece made within the last ten years. I love it because it combines a horse with carnival glass.carn5 carn4 carn6
I have yet to acquire any antique carnival glass but if I find an outstanding example, I should be able to make room in my display cabinet.

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