Horseback Riding



After the hay is cut, the large, open field is irresistible to rider and horse alike. My 24 year old mare, Vista, loves to race around, wind in her face, no fences in the way. Holly always joins us. This particular afternoon’s impromptu ride is without helmet, the first time I’ve forgotten my riding helmet in over two decades. Not sure what happened.
I ride my horses bitless, with Dr. Cook bridles. They both love the bridle and respond well. No more head tossing from Vista, as she did with all the various bits I tried, even the hackamore. My younger mare, Maddie, has never felt a bit. Usually, I take Vista out bareback. She is a calm, predictable animal, trained by me since she was 10 months old. I don’t worry about being unseated. Her old back appreciates not having to carry the weight of a saddle.
This day as we played on the second crop grass, my husband crept up and took a few shots before we spotted him. Then we posed. Vista is still beautiful, 3/4 Saddlebred, with the most comfortable riding gaits. We have had many great years together.a4


One thought on “Horseback Riding

  1. Such lovely photos of you and Vista. She is 24! How long can horses live? You both look like you are having a wonderful time. Put on your helmet next time!

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