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createcoverThe Tidewater Possession, set in Virginia of 1795, tells a tale of greed, callousness and vengeance. 

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“Parlen jogged his mount into the yard of the old Browne farm.  He slid from the saddle, tied the bay, then stared at his purchase.  An oppressive air of vacancy permeated the old stone buildings.  All was silent.  Not a breeze wafted or insect stirred.  No bird call broke the quiet.  Hollow, dark windows gaped at him.

The horse shook his head.  Parlen’s heart jumped at the abrupt, loud jangle of bridle hardware.  He gave a low laugh.  What a weak fool. He strode to the cottage door, and pushed lightly on the weathered wood.  The door didn’t move.  Irritated, he thrust his shoulder against the planks.  The door flung back and slammed the wall.  Echoes resonated from the shadowed depths of the house.  He hesitated in the doorway, suddenly reluctant to step inside.  The echoes died.  All was still.

“Foolish,” he said aloud, and was comforted by the sound of his voice.  His skin prickled.  His instincts screamed—flee, go!  What did he fear?  Bravery on the battlefield had won advancement to officer.  Colonel Parlen never backed from a challenge and he certainly didn’t turn tail and run.  He stiffened his spine and entered the kitchen.

A curious sound like a silver door chime tinkled in the air around his ears.  He froze. Only his eyes moved as he searched the gloomy reaches of the room, trying to locate a bell, an explanation for the metallic peal.  Leaves rustled in the yard behind him.  A draft gusted through the door and slithered around his body.  The cold air carried a fetid tang of rotting meat.  Chill dug through his fine linen overcoat, his layers of clothing, his flesh.  A frozen hand grasped his heart and squeezed the quivering rhythm to a stop.  Parlen couldn’t breathe or move a muscle.  Suspended paralyzed, an eternity passed in seconds before the painful pressure released.  He staggered against the wall, gasping for air.  A cold burn lingered in his chest.

Wildly, he scanned the kitchen, knees loose and shaking.   The room was silent as the tomb.  A cool breath at his ear whispered his name.  With a shout, he fled the building.  He fumbled the horse’s tether loose and vaulted into the saddle.  Frantic kicks set the animal to a run.  A faint rumble like distant thunder, a deep, throaty chuckle, raced after him and spurred his retreat.”

Also available on Amazon:  Sin of the Father, the sequel and final book in the Tidewater Possession series.


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