Vintage Black Curly Persian Lamb Coat



About two years ago I purchased this vintage coat at a local antiques auction.  It is lustrous curly black Persian lamb, a luxury garment made by furriers Lyford-Woodward of Bangor and Bar Harbor, Maine.  I believe it is from the 60s or 70s.  The condition of the piece is impressive, it appears barely worn.a2

I paid all of $15 or less for this beauty.  The coat is heavy and very warm and I thought to wear it to dress-up occasions in winter.  Well, it’s hung in my closet since I bought it.  I finally gave in and decided to sell it.  It sold in about two weeks on eBay for $180.  Pretty good return.


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    • The auction takes up most of Sunday and you don’t always find winners like the coat. The thrift stores usually have plenty to keep my online stores going.

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