Dreaming About Sunny Places–Torrox, Spain


Hibiscus at Playa Torrox


Playa Torrox, gazing toward Africa

Snowing again!  To ward off the winter blues here are some shots of the beautiful Sun Coast of Spain.  Wish I was there again right now!  Playa Torrox is a long, sandy Mediterranean beach with lots of lovely stones, shells and sea glass.   I spent may delightful hours collecting surf-polished sea glass from this beach to add to the weight of my suitcases. The wind and surf were often up at Torrox

a7Torrox is near a very high vantage point on the coast called Balcon de Europa. One can see miles and miles of the warm Mediterranean Ocean from the heights.  Little fishing boats pull up on the sandy beach below the cliffs and the fresh catch is brought to the local markets.  The seafood on the Sun Coast is wonderful.


View from Balcon de Europa


Cooling fountains in a garden at Alhambra

Also near Torrox is the ancient city of Granada and the remains of Alhambra, the residence of Moorish conquerors of Spain.


Orange trees on a plaza in Granada


Bird of Paradise blooms at Torrox

There, I feel better already. I can almost remember a soft, warm breeze, the cry of gulls and the aroma of tapas sizzling on a nearby grill.


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