Enough With the Snow, Already!

tim snow mtWith over three feet of snow on the ground, we’ve got plenty, thanks!  Here’s my husband, Tim, on top of one of the mountainous snow piles in our yard.  Holly and Otto, the German shepherds, are always ready to play.  Since this photo was taken, the pile has gotten higher.  I topped it off yesterday with the snow that came off the lower roof of the house.  Here’s what the front of the house looked like before I cleared the debris.

front of houseOur new tractor with the bucket loader is earning its keep, for sure.  I would have left this snow piled up to the windows except another monster storm is forecast for Wednesday.  A nor-easter with up to 2 feet more white stuff is bearing down on us.  Oh, joy.  Not sure where I’ll put any new snow.  Running out of room.  Luckily, the forecast after Wednesday is for temps in the high 30s and into the 40s for the foreseeable future.  Finally, maple syrup season will arrive!  It’s about a month late this year.  The weather is mostly sunny, but too cold for sap to run.

Here are some of the eleven wild turkeys that have been visiting the area beneath the bird feeders on a regular basis.  Poor things must be very hungry.  Spring, please hurry!

11 turkeys



2 thoughts on “Enough With the Snow, Already!

  1. I add cracked corn and whole oat grains to the feeder for the mourning doves. The smaller birds throw it on the ground, where the doves prefer to eat. There is plenty for the turkeys as well. They do a fine job of scratching around in the snow and getting the grains. They scratch like big chickens. They also pick apart the horse manure all over the pasture looking for grains. They do a good job of helping spread the manure.

  2. You sure have a load of snow! The turkeys must be picking up whatever drops from the feeders. How about giving them some Indian corn or would it sink into the snow? Tim and the dogs look cute.

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