Setting Hatching Eggs


Today I set 42 Ameraucana chicken hatching eggs to incubate.  If all goes well, in 21 days they will hatch. About half the eggs are from my chickens and half are from two out-of-state breeders.  I purchased the eggs on eBay and had them shipped.  I add new blood to my flock this way.

Shipping hatching eggs is hard on them.  The interior of the egg can be damaged.  Temperatures that are too high or low can kill the embryos.  Sometimes mail is x-rayed and that kills the chicken germ. Yet, I have had luck hatching shipped eggs so my fingers are crossed!

The incubator has a fan to move air and keep the temperature at a steady 99.9 F.  Water is added to reservoirs under the eggs to maintain the proper humidity.  The yellow rack holding the eggs is an automatic turner.  Eggs must be turned every day as they develop so the embryo doesn’t stick to the egg and become malformed.  As long as we don’t have a long power outage, the incubator does a good job for me.  I’ve hatched many chicks with this set-up.egg1