New Kitty–Chloe


Little lover kitty



For my birthday last week I adopted a sweet little cat from the Humane Society.  Chloe is about 1.5 years old, a black and white tuxedo kitty and an extremely loving girl.  She can’t seem to get close enough.

Now we have three cats.  Toby is 13 and Molly is 14.  Having a young cat in the house has woken them up a little.  Toby was playing tag with her around the scratching post this morning.

Chloe is very smart, and adept at blending in.  She is outgoing but not pushy and became friends with our two older cats in two days.  I’ve never seen a cat be accepted into a household so quickly.  She learned where the food and litter pans are in no time and has been trying to shred the scratching post.

Such a playful and fun little animal, I’m so glad I went to the shelter and found her.

There are still at least forty cats at the Humane Society looking for homes.  I hope other people give shelter cats a chance.  Chloe sure deserved one and we are lucky to have her!

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