Archive | May 7, 2014

Birth Day at the Farm


Five Ameraucana chicks only a couple hours old

Phoenix Farm has some new members!  Baby chicks and rabbits are born today.


Eggs hatching in the incubator


Momma Jade and her nest box

The chicks are hatching, so far five have been born. They started early this morning and will continue through tomorrow.  I set 42 eggs in the incubator.  Of those, 34 developed.  There is a lot of peeping going on, so I hope for a good hatch!  As the babies come from the eggs they are very wet. After an hour or so in the incubator they are removed to the brooder where their down fluffs up.  In the photo to the left, the incubator is divided with a cardboard box so I can tell which chicks are from the purebred eggs I purchased through the mail.


Seven bunnies, only a few hours old

Jade, the new angora rabbit, gave birth (or kindled) overnight and has seven babies.  They are a cross between angora and Rex.  The lady who sold her to me said Jade might accidentally be pregnant, and she was.  There appear to be two black babies and five light brown or white ones. The hair is so pale on the pink skinned babies that it is difficult to tell the true color so soon.  The little rabbits are born with their eyes sealed shut.  Their springy hind legs already work and they pop around in the nest momma made from hay and fur pulled from her body.  The babies make funny little squealing sounds when they are awake and bouncing.

I have uncovered them for a moment to take the photo.  The mother rabbit keeps the little ones tucked inside the cocoon of fur.  She will go in the box once per day and uncover them to nurse and clean.  After, she carefully covers them again.  The babies know to snuggle close together and the angora blanket keeps them very warm.