Archive | May 27, 2014

Portmeirion Fish Plates

fish2Another great thrift store find I just sold in one of my online stores:  vintage Portmeirion The Compleat Angler, set of eleven dinner plates in very good condition. Of the eleven plates, eight are doubles of one design.  I was amazed to stumble on these plates for ninety cents each.  After all the auction fees and expenses, I netted nearly $16 each!  Pun intended.

These are heavy, the shipment weighs 16 pounds.  There was some serious bidding for the plates because they are rare, especially some of the scenes such as the pike and the perch.  The final sale price was more than double the starting price I set.  This is the sort of find I wish would happen more often.


fish4The designs are from watercolors done by an English artist, A.F. Lydon in 1879.  Each plate features different fish from the British Isles.  The condition is quite good, just a few light utensil marks.  The backstamp seems to indicate the plates are from 1981.

Portmeirion Pottery is located in Portmeirion, Wales.  I visited there with my daughter, mom and her husband back in the early 1990s.  The town is an amazing place, similar to an Italian village with buildings, fountains, statuary, mosaics and plantings intended to evoke the landscape of Italy. Portmeirion is right on the ocean, hence the “port” in the name.  We journeyed there on a narrow gauge railway, an adventure in itself.

The pottery is modern and large, with a lovely showroom stocked in their high quality and expensive wares. Their ceramics are prized for the beautiful designs, exceptional craftsmanship and durability.