Baby Rabbits Five Weeks Old


The baby rabbits born May 7 are now nearly six weeks old.  All seven are fine and healthy.  Mama bunny does an excellent job caring for them.  There are five white albino, one agouti and one chinchilla coated.  Agouti is the wild color of rabbits.  The chinchilla is more silvery colored with the yellow in the coat diluted to nearly white.a4  All the babies are very sweet and friendly.a2 Here they are romping in the outdoor pen with their mother, who is full angora.  The babies are half Rex.

The little ones have voracious appetites, consuming the contents of the large hopper feeder overnight.  They also drink a lot, rapidly emptying two bottle waterers I keep on the cage.  All rabbits, babies included, love to eat the fresh lawn grasses.

In a couple weeks they will need to be separated by sexes, as by eight weeks of age, little rabbits can possibly mate.  I will place all the males in a separate cage and keep the females with their mother.a3  At that time, they will be weaned and old enough to go to new homes.  It is difficult to tell at this point if any will be long-coated. Baby angoras start with short coats.  All the babies will be sold as pets since they are not purebred angoras.



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