Iris Clean-Up


There is a definite nip in the air, the swamp maples are bright red and the sugar maples are beginning to take on an orange cast to their leaves.  No question, autumn is fast approaching.  Time to start cleaning up the gardens for the winter rest.

The flower bed at the front of our house is planted to several varieties of irises that put on a beautiful display of blooms in June.  After that, the leaves go crazy, getting tall and broad and shading any other plants in their way.  The irises are working to take on the nutrients needed to produce flowers next year.

By late summer, iris leaves are beginning to die and can be cut back.  My plants got a haircut yesterday and the difference is amazing.  There was a garden under all that!  I will divide some of the rhizome clumps and start more irises somewhere else.a2

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