Roadside Farm Stand


There, I’ve got my little roadside farm stand of excess garden produce all set up and open for business.  So far, one sale.  It is a very nice day with temperatures in the 80s.  Most people are not likely to be thinking about buying fall decorations.

I’ll open the stand up on decent weather days when I’m around and once there is a chill in the air, more customers should stop.  Most years the farm stand is fairly profitable.  The pumpkins for Halloween carving and the dried corn stalks are always the most popular.  I only have a few of each so it won’t take too long to sell out.  There are so many extra gourds that most of those will probably go to the horses and chickens. They seem to enjoy eating them.


4 thoughts on “Roadside Farm Stand

  1. Attractive display! You don’t have a lot of pumpkins to sell. As soon as October arrives, people will feel more inclined to get fall decorations.

    • Thanks! No, I only had 6 pumpkins and 3 are sold now. I’ll just keep the thing going today and then probably be done, unless I get no sales. I mostly wanted to sell the extra pumpkins and Indian corn. Most of the gourds are going to the horses and chickens who seem to enjoy the flavor.

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