Bird of Paradise Plant Update

bI just repotted my baby bird of paradise plant and thought it would be a good time to do an update and see how things have been progressing.  I bought the plant in February and it has been thriving.  When it arrived, the little tropical baby had seven tiny leaves and was about 12″ tall.  Now it has eight leaves, most of those are new growth, and is 21″ tall.

The root system on bird of paradise plants is extensive.  The thick, white roots resemble snakes.  They coil around the inside of the pot and crawl out through the drainage holes.  Using the power of hydraulics, the roots slowly break apart any pot that holds them.

In the above photo, the plant stands in its new pot with the old one beside it.  The root space is doubled. The roots take up about two-thirds of the area of the new pot.  Within six months, if all goes well, the roots will start groping out the bottom of the pot again.  Bird of paradise plants usually bloom in late summer. This baby is still too young for flowers.  They sometimes need as long as seven years of growth to bloom. Somehow, I think this plant will flower before then, it has very exuberant growth and seems determined to grow up quickly.



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