Surprise Lady Figurine


I have not blogged in a few day, mostly due to having company.  I wanted to share this lovely figurine given to me as a surprise.  A couple days ago I took one of my guests to the local antiques mall.  When my back was turned she purchased the lady in the blue gown that I admired but put back on the shelf as too extravagant for me to buy for myself.  Such a nice surprise and a very thoughtful gift!a3a1

The ceramic figurine is so finely detailed and carefully hand painted that I believe it is antique or close to it.  There is a maker’s mark I can barely read and have not been able to find in catalogs of ceramic marks.  It appears to be a shield with a crown on the top.  There is lettering above the crown that I can not read and also some capital letters beneath the shield that may be HRP, though I’m not sure.a6  I suspect the figurine is European, possibly Scandinavian, German or Austrian.  She stands 10″ tall and holds a basket of flowers.  The details of the dress are especially interesting.  For some reason she seems to be a Danish or Swedish lady to me.

a5a4There are a few small chips in the paint, mostly on the gown. She had accumulated quite a coat of dust.  A good scrub brought out the lovely colors of the flowers and the roses on her cheeks.  I will continue to search for the origin of the mark so I can identify the maker and age of the piece.  I am so lucky to have such a kind guest!


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  1. That was a very thoughtful surprise! I can believe the antiques distracted you enough that you didn’t notice this being purchased!

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