Building a New Barn



Old horse shed now housing rabbits, old cow barn on the right

Here is our current barn, built about 40 years ago.  The lower area that shows light green concrete blocks used to be a cow barn.  The old barn is on its last legs.  The cow section was slowly collapsing due to shifting and crumbling of the concrete.  My rabbits were housed in this old area and needed to be moved.  Last year I tore down part of the cow section and reused some of the old beams in a new temporary shelter for my two horses.  I moved the rabbits into the old horse barn.

We can’t afford to raze the barn and build a new one all in a few months.  Because we want to put the new barn where the old one sits, the project must be taken in steps so the animals have shelter and there is a place to store the hay.  I also want to save money by doing as much of the work myself as possible and recycling as much material as I can.  The beams of the old barn are cedar timbers that are still good.  The aluminum roof panels I want to remove carefully so I can use them to cover the walls of the new barn.


The chickens like to keep me company when I work


Lumber for recycling into a temporary shelter






This summer and fall I finished removing the boards and beams from the cow barn right down to the concrete. There is a nice selection of recycled lumber from the old barn.


Current horse shelter to be made into a rabbit barn


Foundations of the new temporary horse barn and storage area

Now I have to move the rabbits again as the old horse shed is also in danger of collapse.


I am constructing another temporary barn for the horses plus a large storage area for hay and will move the rabbits to where the horses are now.
I will close in that former horse barn so the bunnies will be warm this winter.  So far I have used old 4×4 timbers from the cow barn to make sills for the walls of the new temporary horse barn and hay storage area.  I have to buy a bunch of 2x4s to frame the walls and make the roof.

Then I will tear down the shed the rabbits were in before the snow brings it down this winter.  After that I will start to remove the inside of the barn in preparation for taking the entire structure apart next summer. We will construct a new pole barn in sections, starting with the hay storage.  This project will keep me busy for a couple more years, at least.


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    • Yes, it’s a lot of work. Thanks about the temporary barn! I hope the stuff I’m building now will be good, too. It should be, I can see it in my head.

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