Lone Maple


This view was taken today across the valley of our farm.  We are in the midst of a huge nor-easter rain storm, sorry for the dreariness of the day.  Every year this one maple tree holds on to its leaves long after all its brethren have gone naked.  Most of the bare branches surrounding it are other maples.  The leaves of this tree are much slower to change color than the majority of maples.  Poplars, birch, oaks, larch, sumac and beeches still keep their leaves, many of these trees sport yellow fall foliage.  Oaks are mainly red or mahogany.  Other nut trees also retain leaves at this time, butternuts are yellow and the hazelnut is orange. But, this maple is an oddity.  It is nice to enjoy the vivid orange of autumn maples just a little longer, though, so I’m not complaining.


Maddie and Vista and the lone maple


6 thoughts on “Lone Maple

  1. I love fall simply because of the colors. We also have one tree that stays colorful longer than the others around it. On a gray day like today, it really pops.

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