First Snow

s1Today looks like winter.  A nor’easter came roaring in overnight with cold winds and snow squalls.  The snowfall is so heavy that at times it’s a whiteout.  We have about two inches of fluffy, wet snow.  The ground is not frozen and it took some time for the snow to gather instead of melt.  Farther south the accumulation is heavier.  I heard a forecast of ten inches for far Downeast Maine.  Wind howls around the corners of the house and through the bare limbs of the trees.  Some trees, like the oaks and beech and my dogwood, still retain their leaves.  The snowload on the foliage may bring down branches.s3

We’re not quite ready for winter around here.  Still have part of the temporary barn to build, firewood to split and stack, and fall garden clean up.  Luckily, the temperatures are due to warm up into the 50s by midweek.  Then some rain coming in.  This white stuff is merely a stern warning of what waits for us.s2 


One thought on “First Snow

  1. Wow! That was an early storm!! I do hope you will be able to finish up all the work you have planned to do to prepare for winter.

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