Work on the Barn


It took four days, but all the snow from the early, surprise storm has melted away.  I’ve been busy constructing the temporary barn to house my animals this winter.  Once the new barn is up, I will demolish the area where my rabbits currently live before the heavy snows bring it down.  The new part of the barn I’m working on will house my rabbits, I’ve decided.   The roof is too low to be safe for horses.  The lower ceiling will keep the rabbits warmer.

The new rabbit area is mostly framed and in these photos I’m working on the roof. Here I’m measuring for the last piece of particle board to finish the roof deck.  Lifting the heavy panels to the top of the roof was hard for one person, but I did it.  My husband, Tim, hurt his back and couldn’t help me.b2The next day, yesterday, I put on tar paper then asphalt shingles.  The shingles were joined into the lower roof that covers the horse barn.  We had a heavy rain last night and the roof didn’t leak, a major victory!

Next, I will frame in the third new part of the temporary barn.  This area will be large enough to hold a month’s supply of hay for the horses and bunnies and large metal garbage cans to keep their grain safe from rodents.  The point of the roof of the third structure will attach at the top of the high wall in the photos.  I hope to get this third structure up and roofed over before it snows for good.  Once the roof is on, I can finish cutting the siding from under the shelter of the buildings.b3


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  1. What a woman! You certainly are amazing! The barns look very good and I am sure the rabbits will appreciate their new home. I just hope you beat the snow.

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