Barn Progress


The temporary barn is progressing nicely.  I framed in the hay storage area during the past week and worked until after dark last night putting the sheathing on the roof and covering the surface with a double layer of blue tarp.  The hay building measures approximately 10 feet by 12 feet.  Snow was forecast for overnight so I wanted to get the roof up and protected from the wet.  We received 3″ of wet snow and the roof is working perfectly.


I plan to search for affordable asphalt shingles for this roof and leave the tarps up in the meantime.  The tarps are nailed along the sides and are held across the top with tie-down ropes.  I am hoping this arrangement will last until I can secure four bundles of shingles to finish the roof.  My neighbor gave me a bunch of shingles he had lying around.  There were enough to cover two rooves of the temporary barn.  He’s a great neighbor! I hope to find someone else with extra shingles who will sell them for less than the retail rate of $30 per bundle.


Now I will put up the siding, starting with the rabbit barn, the building uphill from the horses.  Once the barn is enclosed, it will be much warmer and more comfortable for the bunnies than the place where they currently live.

Today I took off to rest my arms and shoulder (old rotator cuff injury,) since I worked extra hard yesterday to beat the weather.  Tomorrow is supposed to be warmer, with melting snow, and I will be back to work on the barn.


2 thoughts on “Barn Progress

  1. These photos really explain exactly what you are building. Between warmth from the horses and insulation from the hay bales, the bunnies should be comfortably warm.

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