Barn Project Update


Time for an update of the barn building project.  I’ve got the structure for the temporary barn framed and mostly sided.  There is still part of the outside wall to finish in the rabbit section.  I’m going to fill the open top part with a translucent sheet so light can get in.  The wall had to be made of metal to keep the horses from chewing on it when they get bored in the winter.  Still hoping to find some cheap roofing shingles before winter really sets in, but that may have to wait until spring.  So far the blue tarp is working well.b2

b4b3The hay storage area is finished except for two doors. Tim and I filled the storage area with forty bales of hay, enough for forty days.  That’s wonderful!  Last year I could only store eight bales at a time down in the horse barn. There is enough room for two metal garbage cans to hold bags of grain for the horses and rabbits.  That will make winter feeding much easier.  No more carrying buckets of grain through the snow every day.

There is still plenty of interior work to be done.  I have to finish the wall between the hay storage and the rabbit area and run some wiring for lights.  Plus make two doors to keep the hay area snug and weatherproof. I try to do some work on the barn every day that’s possible, along with all the other fall chores like garden clean up and firewood.  Never a dull moment on a farm.


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  1. You have made good progress. It looks adequate and efficient to needs. Again I say, is there anything you won’t turn your hand to?

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