Hungry Birds


The chilly weather and snow cover have brought hungry birds to the feeders.  This year we bought a new 30″ long seed feeder so we wouldn’t have to refill our 12″ one every day.  The woodpeckers were particularly insistent on being fed.  It took me a few days to dig their suet out of the chest freezer and hang food for them in a mesh bag.  I figured there must still be bugs in dead trees out in the woods that they could eat, so I wasn’t in a hurry.

Just to let me know what I slacker I was, several woodpeckers pounded their beaks on the side of the house and a couple flew right up to the window and looked in to see what was taking me so long.  It became impossible to ignore these birds.  Their hammering on the cedar siding was very annoying.  As soon as the suet was hung, the birds were eating.  It’s been nearly a week since I put food out and they’ve devoured at least a half pound of suet.  I wonder what these birds did to survive before humans started feeding them?a2


2 thoughts on “Hungry Birds

  1. What a darling story! Those woodpeckers certainly remembered past handouts and wanted more straight away. The gulls also let me know when the want to be fed. I am grateful the window sills are not wide enough for them to sit on and stare into my kitchen.

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