Vintage ArtGift Sewing Kit


Here is an unusual vintage item from my online eBay store.  It’s a pocket sewing kit made in Germany.  The case is enameled metal, brass, I believe.  The piece measures just 2 1/8″ long.  The ring on the end once had a tassel attached.  This was owned by my husband’s father and he probably removed the tassel because it got in the way.  My father-in-law and his family were stationed in Germany right after World War II.  That is likely when he acquired this kit.  art4It is stamped ArtGift Made in Germany US Zone.  This would date the kit to the same time, just following WWII, 1945-1950.

art2The kit has some minor enamel loss.  It was very possibly carried in my father-in-law’s pocket and used for quick repairs.  You have to keep yourself looking spiffy at all times in the Army.  The contents are not quite complete, but mostly there.  Included are a thimble, needle, old-fashioned safety pin and two spools of thread.  The pins and needles fit inside the spools and are kept in place with the small metal cap.  The thimble fits over one end of the spools. I have seen sets that contain straight pins and more safety pins.  The older sets are made with wood spools instead of plastic.

It is fun to think of my husband’s careful dad using the kit to quickly stitch a button back on a sleeve before going to some meeting with the brass.art3


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