New Chainsaw


Meet my brand new chainsaw!  Stihl MS170, just what I asked Santa to bring me.  Plus I got sawing chaps to protect my legs and anti-vibration gloves.   The 170 is just about the smallest chainsaw Stihl makes.  It weighs around 8 pounds.  I need a small, light saw to prune the large limbs in the orchards, keep up woods trails and trim back small trees and limbs from the edges of fields and from hedges and windbreaks.  Can hardly wait to get to work!  I used to do all that cutting by hand, very hard and tiring.

I’ve used both electric and gas powered chainsaws in the past and just finished reading the owner’s manual.  I also have read Barnacle Parp’s book on how to use a chainsaw, an excellent guide for anyone.  I do believe in safety first and will make every attempt not to saw myself.  Today my husband had a chainsaw mishap.  He managed to get his biggest saw caught in a tree and then the tree dropped on it.  Completely destroyed the saw.  He’s now in the market for a new chainsaw.  Luckily he has a smaller, limbing saw he can use in the meantime, since we have at least a cord of four foot firewood to cut to stove length.  I hope nothing happens to his little saw, or he’ll start looking at mine!


One thought on “New Chainsaw

  1. That is too bad for Tim, losing his chain saw. I am glad the two of you have plenty of saws, you definitely will after Tim gets his replacement. Do be very, very careful using that saw so you don’t injure yourself. Work carefully, do not rush and take care always!!

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