Barn Doors


Finally done!  I made the second door on the temporary barn today.  Last month I finished the first door. Both doors are nailed together from old siding boards salvaged from either the barn I tore down this past fall, or from an old house.  The house boards are ancient, at least 100 years, likely older.  a2a3They have cut-off square nails embedded in them and remnants of white paint, surely lead-based.  These boards were clapboards removed from a demolished house.  I saved them in my old barn attic for at least 30 years and finally had a need for them. Waste not, want not, my Yankee friends.

a4a5The doors aren’t perfect, but they do the job.  I finished the last one (on the left) just in time.  The coldest temperatures so far of the winter are forecast for tonight.  Well below zero F., combined with twenty-plus mile-per-hour winds will bring a wind chill of 30 below zero.  Not a good night for any beast to be out.  It’s nice to have solid doors to close and keep the drafts off the angora rabbits.

a6a7The doors have very simple locks to keep them shut.  There is no need for latches that open from either side of the door. One door locks on the inside, the other outside.  Less likely to trap myself that way.  Although I can always exit the barn through the open horse stalls if I’m desperate.  Not sure what would make me desperate to leave the barn.  It’s my favorite place.

I still have to rig an interior door to stop cold air blowing from the horse stalls into the rabbit area. Currently I just block the opening with a sheet of plywood, but I want to build something that requires less effort to put in place.  When I’ve finished with the temporary barn, I will be back to tearing down the old barn.  I hope to start constructing a new permanent place for my animals in the spring.


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