Westmoreland Milk Glass

west1A current listing in the Phoenix Farm online store is this lovely pair of lattice-work milk glass Westmoreland salad or luncheon plates.  The plates measure 8.5″ in diameter.  west5The delicate lace on the rims is decorated with tiny flowers at the intersections.  The pattern is called Forget-Me-Not and was produced from the early 1900s through the 1980s.  One plate has the WG mark and was made after 1946.west7  The other plate is unmarked and may be older or younger, it is hard to tell for sure since many pieces of Westmoreland production were not marked.  Some only carried paper stickers that were easily lost over the years.

Westmoreland Glass Company began in 1889 as Westmoreland Specialty Company and was located in Grapeville, PA.  The name changed in 1923 with a change in ownership.  The factory closed in 1984.

Throughout its history Westmoreland was known for high quality glass production.  Milk glass was their most common item.  Much of the glass was hand painted, especially before the 1940s.  Beautiful examples of handpainted Westmoreland glass can command high prices.  These Forget-Me-Not plates are sometimes found with a painted central design of wild pink roses, or with the flowers picked out in a bronze color.  The paint was applied cold, a process with often unstable results.  However, of the pieces I’ve seen, the designs generally appear to wear well with minimal paint loss.west3

Here is a link to the Westmoreland Glass collector’s website, where there are photo albums of the company’s products:  http://westmorelandglassclub.org/modules/smartfaq/category.php?categoryid=1


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