Archive | February 16, 2015

A Tiny Spot of Spring


This sanctuary in the south window is my tiny spot of spring.  The wind is howling today, gusting to 30 mph. The jet stream is a constant dull roar overhead.  This wind is what’s left of the winter storm named Neptune by the Weather Channel.  We were warned it would be a blizzard, but it went out to sea before reaching central Maine and we received only a few inches of snow.  But plenty of high winds.  The temperature was near 20 F at mid-day, a very chilly proposition with the wind chill.  The horses are huddled against the south side of the barn soaking up the sun and sheltering from the wind.

Although I can not escape the sound of the wind, the sunlight is strong now, warming the house in the morning and coaxing flowers from my plants.  I purchased a hyacinth last week that is still blooming nicely. The scent is heavenly.  My cyclamen has several pretty pink flowers and the miniature rose has graced me with three buds.  The peach-colored flowers have a strong scent and seem big for a miniature plant.  Last month I clipped the branches of the rose back and gave it fertilizer.  The new blossoms are my reward.  I’m trying very hard to see just the lovely flowers and not the four feet of snow piled outside the window.a2