Puppy Love


Molly is a sweet little 9 pound cat who loves everyone.  One of her besties is Otto, a 120 pound German shepherd.  Here she is with Otto enjoying the morning sun.  The dogs were raised with cats so they are conditioned to respect the little balls of fur.  They even allow cats to take food from their dishes as they are eating.  We have to chase the cats away if any try to bother the dogs when they eat.

Molly spends lots of time in the dog area.  She purrs for her canine friends and rubs her head on them.  They nuzzle her in return.  Often I find the cat and dogs sleeping curled around each other.  Such friendship is a rare and lovely thing.


2 thoughts on “Puppy Love

  1. That Molly is a darling. No wonder the dogs love her. None of my pets sleep together. I wish the cats would curl up together but they don’t.

    • Yes, the dogs and cats are so cute. Toby is very friendly with them too but he doesn’t sleep in the dog area. Maybe your kitties will get better as they get older. Tango is too rough. Toby was like that once but as he got older and fatter and slowed down the other cats weren’t so afraid anymore and sometimes sleep with him now.

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