Signs of Spring


Although snow flurries visited us just a couple days ago, signs of spring are everywhere.  The crocuses opened their petals wide to the bit of sun we saw this morning.  The spring peepers, tiny frogs with big voices that live in our pond, have been getting louder every night for a week.  Yesterday I heard the first male grouse thumping out his mating call from deep in the woods.  Male woodcocks hold their nightly aerobatic shows in the skies above the orchards.

The snow has all melted except for tiny remnant patches in the shade where once tall drifts stood.  Today I set up the outdoor cage so our house cats can enjoy some safe time outside.  All three cats have ventured out the pet door to sit in the wind for a few minutes.

After nearly a week of dreary clouds and sporadic rain showers, the weather is finally changing.  Once the high winds die and the sun comes out, we might even see temperatures in the 60s, the weather people say. For sure that will bring the worst sign of spring:  the bugs–black flies and mosquitoes.  Until then, let’s enjoy the crocuses.



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