Archive | May 4, 2015

New Trees

Sadly, the baby fig tree I got last year did not survive.  During the depths of winter the temperature fell down to 20F in the area where I was keeping it.  Too chilly for a baby fig, I guess.  Not so easily discouraged in my fig growing efforts, I bought a Purple Fig developed by the University of Louisiana.  This little tree is already almost 3 feet tall.  The one I got last year was only 8 inches tall.

I also bought a Whitney fruiting crabapple tree, a hazelnut to replace one that is failing to thrive and a big experiment, a nectarine.  The crabapple bears golf ball or larger sized fruit, great for fresh eating or making jelly.  The nectarine is rated for our cold hardiness zone.  I planted them all yesterday.  We will see how things go.  It is always a big gamble when a new tree is put in the ground.  I hope all my baby trees produce one day.fig