Star Magnolia Blooming


May 2011


May 2014


May 2015

The star magnolia is six years old!  In 2010, I planted the tiny one-year-old sapling.  The next spring it had one flower.  For some reason I didn’t take any photos for a couple years, although the tree grew and added blooms every year.

In 2014, the magnolia was looking like a real tree.  Last summer it put on a lot of growth!  This spring the tree has many flowers and is over three feet tall.

Maybe I’m odd to be so overjoyed by a simple thing like a tree blooming, but I always wanted a star magnolia.  I’m so glad it is happy here and thriving.


2 thoughts on “Star Magnolia Blooming

  1. So lovely! I am delighted for you. I had one of these beauties when I lived there. It was in full bloom and your dad decided it had to be moved. I begged him not to do it until it finished flowering. He wouldn’t listen, dug it up and moved it. It died! He never got another one for me.
    Anyway, this one is a little beauty and long may it live and flower.

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