Fancy Lawn Mowers


Here at the farm we have a fancy pair of lawn mowers.  They are grass powered and self-propelled.  They do an excellent job, with a clean, close cut.  Steep hillsides are trimmed with ease.  Edging is a breeze.  They even provide some fresh fertilizer from time to time!

In the spring the horses need fresh grass and we need to keep ahead of the rapidly growing lawn grass.  Horse lawn mowers work out very well for us.  The fence is not even electrified.  The horses are so trained to the fence they stay inside.  Sometimes they get excited and prance around a bit, tearing the ground with their hooves.  The damage is minimal and quickly repaired.  Our four-legged lawn mowers are tireless and always eager for work.h2


3 thoughts on “Fancy Lawn Mowers

  1. Our goats are also in an electric fence. Most of the time, I forget to plug it in, but they never go anywhere. Your horses are beautiful.

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