Osprey Offspring


The osprey on Hog Island here in Maine have hatched some babies!  I took this shot this morning from the live webcam of the nest.  You can see one hatchling looking out from the right side of the mother.  It has a black stripe by its eye.  Looks like two of the three eggs hatched.

I’ve periodically monitored mother osprey over the past 40 days as she patiently sits on the nest through heat and cold, high winds and rain.  One damp day in the drizzle her wings were beaded with rain.  On a scorching sunny day she stood over the eggs panting, casting a shadow to keep the eggs from overheating. Her diligence has paid off!

I have yet to see her mate.  Supposedly he is off hunting food for her.  He must be doing something since she survived the incubation.  Now both parents will be hard pressed to find fish to feed their rapidly growing, hungry babies.

Watch the osprey on the Audubon webcam site:  http://explore.org/live-cams/player/osprey-nest


3 thoughts on “Osprey Offspring

    • I went to the webcam this am and it looks like the nest is empty. The hatchlings were there a few days ago. Since then we’ve had two storms with heavy winds including the remains of a tropical storm from Texas. I suspect the babies were blown from the nest and perished. So late in the season it is unlikely the osprey pair will try to produce more young, but you never know. What a sad thing.

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