Archive | July 16, 2015



My new fig tree has fruit!  Today I was removing a dead leaf and spotted all these tiny figs forming.  That was a surprise!  I didn’t expect the tree to produce this year.  I bought it this spring and it is about four feet tall. During the past couple months it has developed a mop of leaves at the top.  Side shoots for lower branches are also starting to form.

The tree appears to be very happy against the south side of the house.  I planted some moss roses around the base and water regularly.  It’s so exciting to think there may be figs to eat this year!

These fruit are forming without fertilization, called parthenocarpic.  They occur as extensions of the stem and will not contain seeds, only flowering bodies.  They will still be very yummy, and less crunchy.  The “seeds” in figs (the true fruit of the plant) are not my favorite part for eating.

This winter I plan to house the fig tree in a cool room upstairs in my house rather than in the unheated woodshed.  The baby fig I had last year got too cold out in the shed and died.  Figs are supposed to be able to withstand temps down to 17F, but very young trees are more susceptible to cold.  I am much happier with this older, taller tree than with the tiny baby from last year.  This tree is old enough to make fruit!!fig1