Baby Birds


As I drove my tractor past the star magnolia tree yesterday I happened to glance that way and was startle to see three pairs of big, frightened eyes staring back at me.  After parking the tractor I went to take a peek. Three baby birds nestled in the grass at the base of the tree.  They were not so afraid now that the huge, loud machine was gone.  They even open their beaks, begging me to feed them.  Their colorful maws make excellent targets for the parents to hit.DSC07244

The bright yellow feathers on their tails helped me to identify these baby birds as young cedar waxwings. Every year the waxwings flock to our farm to feast on the highbush blueberries.  I often suspected generations of birds were raised on the berries.  Now I’m certain.  With two hundred bushes loaded with blueberries that can reach the diameter of a quarter, there is plenty of food for all.

Today I checked the spot again and the baby birds were gone.  They seemed fully fledged and ready to fly.  I hope they are enjoying our berries.


3 thoughts on “Baby Birds

  1. I hope they’re NOT enjoying the berries! Go away, birds!!!! Next year if there are no bugs in the berries I would definitely like to come and pick some. Maybe Lia can help. 🙂

  2. It’s ok, there are plenty of berries for everyone. There are bugs. There will be bugs until we manage them to control the blueberry maggot. You just have to open each berry before eating. Most do not have maggots. Lia loves fresh blueberries!

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