Bunny Update


The baby angora rabbits are twelve days old today.  Their eyes started opening two days ago.  The process is slow to give them time to adjust to the new sensation of seeing.a3  The little ears are up and away from their heads.  I’m sure they can hear well now.  Their sense of smell is acute.  When I am around the fawns lift their heads, pink noses wiggling as they sniff at the air to smell me.a2

The babies now sit up like rabbits rather than lying on their sides as helpless newborns.  It is adorable the way they drape themselves over each other when they sleep in the nest.

Looks like all five are albinos, no chocolate doe for me. Maybe next time, if I can get the persnickety rabbits to mate again.

Mama bunny is busy cleaning one of the babies in the photo at the top.  In the smaller picture above left, the fawn in the background is the runt of the litter.  It is half the size of the largest baby.  The tiny one is growing fast and will one day be nearly the size of the others.


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  1. Oh, so cute! Thanks for these photos! They are lovely babies. Glad to hear the runt is going to catch up.

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