Rare Bennington Pottery Mug


This mug was recently sold by me from my online eBay store.  I acquired it from a thrift shop for less than a dollar in May and sold it within three months for $40.  It is called a trigger handle mug and was made by Bennington Pottery.  The color is what makes it especially rare and valuable.  It is an agate effect in a combination of green and white called “Spring Green” by the pottery.  This color is a seasonal feature that is rarely produced.ben2

ben4Trigger or double handle mugs by Bennington are popular and sell in the $10-$20 range for most colors.  I found this mug taped together with several pieces of unrelated white and green pottery.  When I got the pieces home and pulled them apart I was very surprised to find the maker’s mark.  Any Bennington piece is valuable so I was pleased.

The pottery is located in Bennington, Vermont.  In the early 1960s it was founded by David Gil in an unheated barn.  Over the years the business moved and expanded into a large workspace and retail area. Bennington Pottery is still operating today, turning out fine quality, highly collectible pieces.


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