Figs Ripening!


It’s very exciting for me!  My first figs are ripening!  They are getting a pretty pink blush.  When the color is mahogany they will be ready to pick!!  The little tree is ripening six fruit.  Can hardly wait to eat them.  I bought some fresh figs are the grocery store last week.  They were sad, wrinkled and over-ripened things, but still better than dried figs.

The fig tree is in a race with the weather.  Temperatures have remained warmer than normal here. We’ve gotten several light frosts, mostly right around the full moons.  Covering the tree at night with an old bed sheet has spared it from being nipped by frost.  If the temperatures dip any lower than about 28F, I will have to move the tree inside.

The full sun it receives outside is spurring the fruit ripening, I sure.  Moving the tree inside will shock it some and cause it to drop the leaves quickly.  Not sure what that will do to my fruit.  I’m rooting for warm weather to continue for at least a couple more weeks.  If past weather patterns hold, it will stay warm right up to late October.  We have been getting warm, wet autumns and cool, dry springs for the past several years.  Keeping my fingers crossed for figs!


4 thoughts on “Figs Ripening!

    • Guess we’re just lucky the birds haven’t found them, knock on wood! The tree is in a container right beside the house, maybe no bird is brave enough to go after it. Or maybe the birds don’t know what it is since it’s not something that normally grows in Maine. Have you tried netting over your tree so the birds can’t get the fruit?

      • I may try this next year. We thought about doing it this year, but it was lost in all our other garden projects, then it was too late. Right now we are just hoping the trees come back from the fungus that has turned them into stick figures resembling fig trees.

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