New Kayak

1aFinally!  After more than ten years of wanting one and looking on and off, I found a kayak.  It’s an older model Old Town Loon, one person craft in excellent used condition.  The boat has barely seen the water. It has spent most of its life hanging in storage.  I got a real deal, one-third the price of a brand new one! And even a new paddle thrown in.DSC08882

Yesterday I took my new kayak out for the first time in the little river called Martin Stream that runs through out land.  It was a gorgeous autumn day, warm and sunny, the leaf color nearing peak.

I have kayaked before, using a friend’s Loon, and loved it.  Even did some fly fishing.  Kayaking is better than canoeing, I think.  The craft is much more stable and easier to control.  My favorite is slipping noiselessly into a small, deserted cove and dropping a dry fly among the lily pads.1b

Kayaking Martin Stream was pretty tame.  The water averages twenty feet wide and is very shallow in places.  The current is usually slow.  The Loon has a very slight draught, it slides right over the sand banks and submerged logs.  Unfortunately, the stream is choked with fallen trees.  I was only able to travel about a quarter-mile upstream before being stopped by a log jam.  And a quarter-mile downstream is blocked by a beaver dam.  Still, it was lovely to be back out on the water.

My new kayak and I will be traveling to some nice local lakes, rivers and ponds in the near future. 1c


3 thoughts on “New Kayak

  1. Sounds perfect for you. What lovely times you will have in that kayak. Think of all the lovely ponds, lakes and streams you can glide through. It is light enough so it is easy to carry, unlike a canoe.

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