Fresh Figs!

f1f2My first fresh figs!  I’m so proud.  Two have ripened and quickly been devoured.

The figs have seeds in them, quite a surprise since I assumed they would be asexual.

The flavor is perfect:  sweet, subtle, reminiscent of honey and vaguely white grape-like, a taste all its own.  Fresh figs right off the tree are the best!  I eat the whole fruit, including most of the stem.

f3f4The fig’s leaves are rapidly turning yellow and will soon fall.  I’m not sure how this will affect the four remaining fruit still to ripen.  Since this is my first experience with a fig tree, there is plenty to learn!

The nightly blanketing with a thick cotton bedsheet has protected the tree from light frost.  That won’t work much longer.  The temperatures will soon dip into the 20s F at night and the little tree will have to move inside.  Next spring it will get an earlier start than this year so the fruit will have more time to ripen.  I’m already looking forward to next year’s harvest!


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