Cat Litter Revisited

aThis is a follow-up to a blog entry from March 9, 2014.  Since then I have found a renewable resource cat litter that the cats and humans like better than the one mentioned in that blog.  Our new litter is made using a wheat base.  It is heavier than the pine, cedar and corn-based litter so it tracks much less.  The wheat litter also clumps more firmly.  The urine balls up well making it easier to remove.

While the wheat-based litter is heavier than the pine-based, it is still much lighter than clay litter.  The wheat-based residue is also much easier to clean from the pans than the pine-based.  Something in the pine litter (probably a corn starch component to promote clumping) formed a sticky, glue-like residue on the bottom and sides of the pans that had to be scraped off manually.  Spraying with water did not remove the mess.  No such problem occurs with the wheat litter.

The only down side is the wheat litter does not have the nice pine fragrance of the old litter.  The natural pine scent really freshened the litter pan area.  The new litter has a smell reminiscent of dry livestock grain.  This is not a repulsive scent, just not as pleasant as pine.

After using the wheat litter through one summer, I was pleased with the odor control.  Because urine is clumped and controlled, it is easily and quickly removed, reducing the chance for bacteria to work and produce the familiar feline litter pan smell.

The wheat-based litter is also slightly less expensive per pound, making it a great choice for a family with three cats.

My favorite feature of the wheat litter is that it stays in or near the litter pans and does not get carried by little cats’ feet all over the house.  So hurray for the new litter!


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