Winter’s First Snow


Last night the end of a rainstorm turned to snow and we received an inch of the dreaded white stuff.  Looking out the window this morning brought a grim warning of what lies ahead and a reminder that fall winterizing jobs need to be finished.a5

Many of the apple trees still hold their fruit, including this red delicious.  Deer, turkeys, squirrels, chipmunks, song birds, even porcupines, feast on the orchard bounty.a2

a6With the ground warm and unfrozen, this snow is not likely to last.  The sun has come out and the white is rapidly disappearing.  The chickens do not like walking on snow. Every year the young ones must learn what that white stuff is and that it can be safely traversed. The wet snow weighs down the net over the hens’ outdoor run. The net protects from winged predators like hawks and eagles.

a4Don’t know what this one has to laugh about.  Halloween is long passed and the white cap doesn’t hide the mold growing inside him. Soon the jack-o-lanterns will go to feed the horses.

a7I’ve got my eye on the balsam that will become our Christmas tree, the one in the middle. It’s enjoying the last few days of life. This tree and the ones surrounding it are all grown from saplings I rescued from logging trails, woods roads and from beneath fruit trees in the orchards.  They would have died anyway.  Now they get to be a very special tree for a few fleeting weeks.

Once fall work is finished, the snow is welcome to cover us, as far as I’m concerned.  Winter is my rest time, no mowing, gardening, weeding, fencing, etc, etc.  The biggest winter job is moving snow.a3



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