Baby Kittens


Granddaughter Lia and the babies

My foster kittens are now about 3 weeks old.  The last week has been a blur of feedings six or eight times every twenty-four hours. They are kind kittens and let me sleep six hours at night.

We have come through a terrible bout of diarrhea.  I was very worried a few days ago.  Diarrhea can kill small kittens fast.  I had to give one subcutaneous fluids to fight dehydration.

I figured out that the likely reason was bad formula.  After scratching my head, puzzling over the cause of the diarrhea, I finally noticed a faint smell of sour milk in their liquid KMR, kitten milk replacer.  I switched them to powdered and brought the kittens away from death’s door.

The liquid formula had an expiration date of Jan 2018, but I suspect it must have been stored improperly at too high a temperature, causing it to sour.  The odor was so faint that I did not notice it at first, unfortunately.

Now the babies are mostly back to normal stools, have lots of energy and are starting to gain weight again.  Looks like they will have to stay with me now.  After battling them through near fatal illness, I can’t let them go!


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  1. I am so glad they pulled through! Poor little babies. Wonderful that you will be keeping both of them. They will be the most loving kittens and cats. Such dear little guys!

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