Snow, At Last


A dusting on Dec 27

A too warm winter follows too warm every other season in 2015 here at the farm in Maine.  Fall was long and balmy and extended into December.  It was in the 50s and sunny on Christmas Day. To celebrate the day and burn off some of the Christmas morning cinnamon buns, we went for a long walk on our snowless property.

November and most of December weather consisted of sunny, warm days separated by spells of driving rain, even some flooding.  We received two dustings of snow that quickly melted. Had those massive rain storms been snow, we’d be covered by several feet by now.


Today’s storm

The joy surrounding the arrival of an actual Nor’easter, as New Englanders call these storms off the ocean with northeast winds and bands of heavy snow, can be understood and even forgiven. Maine needs snow in winter.  How are we supposed to snowshoe and ski and ride our snowmobiles without it?  And what will protect the roots of the hay grass from brutal arctic blasts if there is no insulating blanket of snow?  How will we make it through a long, hot summer drought without the snow to fill up the water table? Most Mainers love snow.

This storm promises to drop 8-12 inches of white stuff, enough to make us all happy.  The only Mainers less than enthused about the storm are the mourning doves and other birds scrabbling in the snow for their meals.a3


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