Foster Kitty Update


Mara, not pregnant

The foster cats from the Humane Society have been living with us since the day after Thanksgiving.  Christmas with young kittens was an amusing adventure!  The Christmas tree got undecorated on the bottom several times.  Luckily, the kittens were only a month old and too small to reach very high.a1

Mara, the supposedly pregnant queen who accompanied the two kittens I volunteered to foster turned out to not be pregnant.  She did mother the two babies considerably and cared for them in a way only a cat is able to do.  Since she is not going to have a litter of babies that need fostering, Mara was returned to the shelter yesterday.

That was a bitter sweet day, as my husband and I both liked her. Unfortunately, she was a handful!  Always getting into mischief and upsetting things.  We decided she was just too much for us to take on.  Mara will now be spayed and hopefully soon find a good home with people who will love her and appreciate her overly inquisitive ways.


Kai on the left and Cary

The two kittens we will adopt.  Little Kai and Cary are growing fast.  They are just about eight weeks old.  Both are friendly, loving guys who enjoy snuggling with humans.  They entertain us with kitten antics.  Even our two cats, Chloe and Toby, like to sit and watch the babies play.


Toby wants his share of the loving, too

The little guys busily explore their surroundings, finding new places to sleep and novel obstacles to climb.  Their preferred resting spots are on the stairway curtain and the big basket right beside the woodstove–where is is SO warm.  Of course, their very favorite place to sleep is on me.  Whenever I settle on the couch to do a little knitting or tv watching, both are right there to help play with the yarn and then curl up for a nap.


3 thoughts on “Foster Kitty Update

  1. I really enjoyed your update and photos. You look tired in that picture with Toby and kits. The kittens are real cuddlers and I am very glad you are adopting both of them. I do hope Mara won’s have to wait very long for a good home.

  2. Those little kitties are so super cute! I especially like the last picture of them snuggling with you. Poor Mara, but I’m sure she will find a happy home. I hope the babies aren’t missing her too much now that she is gone.

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