Kittens at 12 Weeks


Cary and Kai are now twelve weeks old.  They have come a long way since the week-old orphans I fell for.  They love to make a sling bed out of my work clothes hanging to dry on the clothes rack by the fire. Both are strongly bonded to me and frequently spend the night snuggled up under my chin on the pillow.  When I pick them up they purr.  They think I’m their mother, so sweet.

DSC01620 (2)Today they went to the vet for the first annual rabies vaccination. I put the carrier out in the livingroom with the door open.  In no time the kittens went inside for a nap.  It was simple to just close the door and take them away.  This is a trick I highly recommend to any cat owner who has a hard time getting their pet in a carrier.  Take the door off and leave the carrier out in a quiet corner.  Put in some comfy towels. The carrier will soon become a bed and the cat will be more comfortable going places in it.


3 thoughts on “Kittens at 12 Weeks

  1. What gorgeous big ears! Kai has such distinctive markings and Cary is such a sweet little guy. Yes, you are their mother, the only one they have ever known.

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